[pulseaudio-discuss] lost all but front L/R channels

Kyle Davenport kdavenpo at tx.rr.com
Sun May 9 12:15:08 PDT 2010

I just realized I am only hearing sound out of my front Left and Right 
speakers.  I'm not sure when this started - perhaps after upgrading to 
Fedora 11.  I know in Fedora 10 I had analog from front and rear outputs 
of my SB Live.  I can switch the cables on the sound cards and hear 
front signal out the rear speakers so I know it's happening within the 
card.  When I run pavumeter I see the remixed signal going out all five 
channels, and it changes appropriately when I slide rear/front in 
gnome-volume-mixer, but I hear nothing out the rear.  I thought perhaps 
the rear channel on the soundcard broke, but I get the same result 
listening to the S/PDIF output.  I tried running gamix which once upon a 
time gave me the ability to change volume on rear independently from the 
front, but now seems unable to do that.  It's like there is a hidden 
volume control on the other channels that pulseaudio doesn't know about, 
or I would see the rear muted in pavumeter, right?


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