[pulseaudio-discuss] source to sink question.

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Mon May 10 10:00:08 PDT 2010

>> > Is it possible route a source directly to a sink completely within PA
>> > without affecting other sources?
>> Check out module-loopback:
>> http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/Modules#module-loopback
> I do believe the latency for module-loopback is pretty bad though. For
> listening this shouldn't be a problem, but I couldn't use it for
> monitoring (that's what JACK is for, after all).

the latency can be configured, there's a parameter for it. I do agree
that module-loopback is probably not suitable for monitoring, but if
you are going through a USB connection in the first place your latency
isn't sub-ms either.
- Pierre

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