[pulseaudio-discuss] Fwd: Re: Python interface to pulse-audio

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri May 14 06:39:05 PDT 2010

Lennart Poettering wrote:

>  On Wed, 23.01.08 14:36, Hynek Hanke ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>  Hi!
>>  please, I just want to ask if there is some Python programming interface
>>  to PulseAudio or some bindings for the C library that one could use?
>  I (as the maintainer of PA) am not aware of any such bindings.

I found some minimal bindings in lib_pulseaudio.py which is part of:

I also had a go using swig and ctypes, but all I managed to do was to get the list of input and output devices... I've put the code here if anyone wants to see:

I think this will be enough for my needs, but a proper wrapper API would be nice to have..


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