[pulseaudio-discuss] [SOLVED] Phonon-Applications listed in pavucontrol but no sound

Fabian Köster koesterreich at fastmail.fm
Sun May 23 02:53:19 PDT 2010

> > KDE-Applications like Amarok or Kaffeine are listed in pavucontrol as
> > Audio Streams but there is neither sound output nor does the
> > "volume-meter" display any activity.
> In the short term, I'll make a prediction:
>   1. You use the Xine backend for PA,
>   2. You are using phonon 4.4.1 from Gitorious.
> If so, then it's my fault :$
> I managed to break the default volume setting with Xine+PA in 4.4.1, but
> it's fixed in git with this commit:
> http://gitorious.org/phonon/phonon/commit/b44f19d7038f7e6182db4d29aee39dab5
> 69193fd
> You'll also probably want this one:
> http://gitorious.org/phonon/phonon/commit/1eb324f60f8df6bc7a866679919d79f1a
> 2a3ff81

Whooohoo! You are my hero :)

Finally it is working! And yes, I am running Phonon 4.4.1 using phonon-xine 
backend ;)

PulseAudio + KDE rocks!


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