[pulseaudio-discuss] High pitched sounds and Internal Speaker

M. Hamzah Khan hamzah at hamzahkhan.com
Sat Nov 6 20:59:28 PDT 2010


I have an Intel HDA sound card in my machine. The machine has a built in
speaker, which (without pulseaudio) I was able to disable by just
unchecking the box for "speaker" in gnome-alsamixer.

But when I do this while pulseaudio is running, pulseaudio mutes all
output. If I unmute using pavolcontrol, the "speaker" control in alsa
gets unmuted.

Is it possible for pulseaudio to "ignore" this speaker and not touch it?
It makes my real speakers sound very unbalanced. :(

Also, I occasionally get a problem with very high pitched sounds coming
very randomly. I have to change the profile to "off" and then back to
"Analog Stereo Duplex" or restart PulseAudio to get rid of it. 

I think this is a known problem, but I couldn't find any fix for it yet.
Is there a fix as of yet?

I am using pulseaudio My machine's ALSA info is here:



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