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Jeremy Nickurak jeremy at nickurak.ca
Tue Nov 16 10:34:18 PST 2010

First off, I'd like to thank Lennart, Colin, and everyone else for working
on such an important project, solving so many audio problems that have
plagued the Linux desktop for years, and especially working in an area which
is so prone to criticism.

That said, I'd like to echo a couple things people have said here:

There's been very little *visible* progress on getting another pulseaudio
release out. Many advances in pulseaudio seem to hinge on waiting for
Lennart to finish work with systemd and have more time for pulseaudio.

Given how critical a component like pulseaudio is, I'm concerned about
Lennart being a single point-of-failure. He's done a great job, but he can
only be spread so thin. Systemd is (I believe) also going to be a very
important project moving forward, and as such I believe it's going to
continue taking a significant amount of time.

Does this project need a path to release that doesn't require as much time
and effort from Lennart? Are there other people (Colin comes to mind) that
have the knowledge, time, and willingness to manage a release schedule?

Let me make it clear that I don't want to see Lennart taken further away
from the project. But the pulseaudio-hasn't-been-released-in-a-while problem
seems to keep coming up more and more frequently, and I don't blame Lennart
for being really interested in devoting time to systemd, and if pulseaudio
has to lose that much of his time, it's worth talking about how the project
proceeds without it.

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