[pulseaudio-discuss] Supporting hardware resampling

Wade Brown pulseaudio at popeax.net
Mon Nov 29 18:57:01 PST 2010


> Default PulseAudio behavior is to mix in software. If you wanted to
> mix in hardware, you could highjack the passthrough work I've been
> doing for AC3. Essentially one device for sw mix, and a number of hw
> devices with no processing in PulseAudio. Still fairly hairy stuff at
> this point since you need to tag each stream as passthrough or not,
> and route explicitely to a specific device for hw or sw mixing. You
> would also need to load these devices by hand in the default.pa
> configuration or use a specific profile for your hardware.
> -Pierre

I assume you're talking about the submitted patch here:

It seems like I could work with this, but it may not be pleasant.  I
haven't dug too deep yet, but if the nature of Pulse Audio is to only
deliver one stream to any given sink I'm probably out of luck.
Creating several would be easy, but routing streams intelligently does
not look look so friendly.  I don't suppose anybody has cobbled
together some sort of round robin allocator.

Would it be reasonable or possible perhaps to detect new streams, then
create and route to a new sink, similar to module-intended-roles?  If
the newly created sinks match the input formats exactly (which they
would), would Pulse Audio graciously agree not to resample?


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