[pulseaudio-discuss] udev detection for 1 card with multiple devices

abraham duenas aduejazz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 12:40:18 PDT 2010

Hi and thanks for your feedback!

I'm in the creation of my profile, I have a basic one on which I'm
experimenting and what I did to add the multiple hw device is to hard code
them like this:
[Mapping X]
device-strings = hw:0,3
[Mapping Y]
device-strings = hw:0,2

etc... these seems to work for me but not sure if this is the proper (or
most effective way).

What I'm also wondering is if I should also create my "paths"... the default
ones work ok for me but I should notice that all my amixer controls have
really really different names than the default ones. In other words I don't
have any "[Element Line]" or any "[Element Aux]" at all (I do have [Element
Capture] but that's it) an although I understand these are DEFAULT ones
which may apply to most of the cards I'm just curious about up to what
extent I can benefit from them....So I started experimenting with those
paths and was able to create 2 "connector"s  (this is how they appear on my
gnome-sound-preferences in the output tab), one for my card headphone
speakers and one for my card handsfree speakers. I cannot get any
"connector" using the default paths that come with my PA package.... so I'm
still playing around to see what else can I do but not sure if these is the
right way to go or not really....
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