[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] AC3 passthrough support

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 09:20:08 PDT 2010

>> > To use this feature from other frameworks (gstreamer, etc), we will
>> > need a tagged release to #ifdef code related to AC3 passthough for
>> > backwards compatibility. Any idea when that might happen?
>> > (would also be nice to close the gap between git master and meego
>> > versions while we are at it...)
> What's the status on this? Is it usable and #ifdef able? This would be damn good
> news for us (xbmc).

I am planning some changes to the existing patch. The current solution
only uses a 'passthrough' flag, but you would need additional
information to pass format information so that you can pass MP3 to
play over BT headset, or AC3 over HDMI. Today this isn't possible with
a boolean only.
I am not familiar at al with XBMC, if you have specific requirements
or ideas, they are welcome at this point. I only looked at the problem
from a gstreamer perspective. The main idea so far is to try and use
the passthrough mode, and if the connection fails (no support in
hardware or audio policy), then you would fall back to software

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