[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] AC3 passthrough support

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Oct 15 08:51:45 PDT 2010


'Twas brillig, and elupus at ecce.se at 15/10/10 13:54 did gyre and gimble:
> I must admit I've not looked much at our PulseAudio implementation
> but i really thought it supported multichannel directly. I tried to
> test it last night, but I was unable to configure pulse for a profile
> of more than 2 channels in pulse settings (stock lucid version). I
> figured that had to be done first. When that didn't work I didn't
> even try anything in xbmc.

Damn, this was on my todo list for last night but I forgot :s

I meant to look and see if my statements were (still) true or not :)
Will try and do it when I get home if I'm not too drunk (it is Friday

> Should that be required first? Any hints on how to get pulse to
> recognize all my analog outputs?

Should just be a matter of running pavucontrol and having a look at the
last tab.

I suspect that digital output in 5.1 wont be supported out of the box on
Ubuntu as don't think they have the relevant patches included to ensure
full support but I could be wrong as I've not played... I'll find a live
cd/usb somewhere to test at some point.

> I'll try to stop by #pulseaudio tonite and we can see if we can make
> sure it works. Would be nice to make sure before we release our next
> release.

Cool I may or may not be in there depending on how fun the pub is after
work (tonight for me is 6pm+ GMT FWIW - timezones are always a pain when
referring to such abstract concepts but I'm fully guilty of doing that




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