[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] AC3 passthrough support

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Fri Oct 15 05:54:20 PDT 2010

Hi Colin, 

I must admit I've not looked much at our PulseAudio implementation but i really thought it supported multichannel directly. I tried to test it last night, but I was unable to configure pulse for a profile of more than 2 channels in pulse settings (stock lucid version). I figured that had to be done first. When that didn't work I didn't even try anything in xbmc.

Should that be required first? Any hints on how to get pulse to recognize all my analog outputs?

I'll try to stop by #pulseaudio tonite and we can see if we can make sure it works. Would be nice to make sure before we release our next release.


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> 'Twas brillig, and Joakim Plate at 14/10/10 13:40 did gyre and gimble:
> >>> To use this feature from other frameworks (gstreamer, etc), we will
> >>> need a tagged release to #ifdef code related to AC3 passthough for
> >>> backwards compatibility. Any idea when that might happen?
> >>> (would also be nice to close the gap between git master and meego
> >>> versions while we are at it...)
> >
> >
> > What's the status on this? Is it usable and #ifdef able? This would be
> > damn good news for us (xbmc).
> Hi Joakim,
> FWIW, I'm an XBMC user and very much appreciate as a bit of software - big
> fan (especially as the beginnings of MythTV PVR support were added the
> other day :D)
> For my audio setup I actually use the ALSA output in 5.1 channel mode.
> It talks to pulse and then I setup the a52 based digital 5.1 output over SPDIF
> in PA.
> This is clearly suboptimal for the movies where passthrough would be
> preferred, but it's a very desirable solution as things stand right now.
> What would be great is if the direct PA output could use 5.1 channels more
> effectively than it does just now and that would mean I could stop pushing
> things through ALSA.
> (I may have to double check my setup as I've not looked at it for a while, but
> IIRC last time I tried direct PA output support it downmixed to 2ch in XBMC
> before hitting PA which then upmixed to 5.1)
> Anyway, I'd be very happy to discuss both the short and longer term
> approach for this with you either here or on #pulseaudio or #xbmc-linux (I
> am in both).
> Take care
> Col
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