[pulseaudio-discuss] - wrap around when recording output.monitor

Baek Chang baeksan at ccrma.stanford.edu
Wed Sep 15 14:54:30 PDT 2010

I am seeing warp around happening due to overflow when doing the following.

parec -r --device=alsa_output.pci_8086_269a_sound_card_0_alsa_playback_0.monitor
output.raw --format=s16le --rate=44100 --channels=1
paplay --format=s16le --rate=44100 --channels=2

if i use parec with the same configuration as the sink that I am
playing the wave file on, then there is no overflow/wraparound.  It
seems to be a problem with the remapping of the channels from stereo
to mono.  Is there an additional gain stage applied in this remapping
that might be causing this?

I am using pulseaudio 0.9.14


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