[pulseaudio-discuss] Using PULSE_SINK and PULSE_SOURCE

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Thu Sep 16 02:17:01 PDT 2010

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> From the consolekit package these folders/file should be interesting:
> /etc/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d
> /etc/ConsoleKit/run-session.d
> /etc/ConsoleKit/seats.d
> /etc/ConsoleKit/seats.d/00-primary.seat
> /usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-seat.d
> /usr/lib/ConsoleKit/run-session.d
> So you would likely define your seats in the /etc/ConsoleKit/seats.d
> folder by putting a file in there - e.g. "01-secondary.seat" or
> something similar. What goes in that file I don't know.

This is not ready yet. If you're interested see:

Because of that I'm using older GDM compiled on a new distro which has PA.
Anyway, thanks for the hints, I'll follow up when I have made progress.


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