[pulseaudio-discuss] how to read exactly 320 samples

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Mon Apr 4 09:38:38 PDT 2011

On Mon, 2011-04-04 at 00:27 -0700, sohail abbasi wrote:
> Hi , everyone 
> I am new to audio programing(as well pulseaudio). I have to add
> pulseaudio support in an application already working with ALSA and
> OSS. the designe of my application is such that I have to read 320
> samples in read function each time. stream attributes are 16bit ,
> 16khz , and 2 channels. So I need to read 1280 bytes in
> pa_stream_peek. 
> But I am unable to read 320 samples each time. some time more , some
> time less ,and some time 0. How can I set buffer attributes to force
> pa_stream_read to read 320 samples each time.

Hmm... The documentation for the fragsize field of pa_buffer_attr seems
to imply that the fragment size is always a constant, which according to
your experience is not true. That's the only parameter for controlling
the fragment sizes when recording, so there's probably no way you can
make Pulseaudio give you constant size fragments.

You probably can and have to do some buffering in the pulseaudio support
component for the application you're working on. So when you get a
fragment from pulseaudio, you copy the data to an internal buffer and
give data to the application only if there's at least 1280 bytes
available, and of course exactly 1280 bytes at a time - any leftovers
will be saved until the next fragment arrives.


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