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'Twas brillig, and duportail at 06/04/11 15:24 did gyre and gimble:
> Correct,this is for a multiseat setup.However,the same user cannot login
> twice on the same computer.
> What I mean is:when I log in a user on ,say, display 1,(this with
> kde),pulseaudio runs and the deault sink is set as in the script.
> If I logout this user, and log him in on another display, pulse is not
> starting because of the /temp/.esd-$UID.

Does the same user have a different home directory, or is their home
directory cleaned out by some other script?

If this is the case, then I suspect that PulseAudio is *still running*
from the previous session, but you've trashed it's runtime dir and pid
files, thus it doesn't know it's still running and it tries to start
again, but the old process still has /tmp/.esd-$UID/socket open and thus
prevents the other PA process from using it.

PA will not exit immediately after logout but will adhere to it's
exit-idle-timeout value (see /etc/pulse/daemon.conf). If you set this to
a suitably low value, then this should avoid the issue.

> When I remove this, just before the user logs in on another display, all
> runs well.

If you prefer, you can comment out module-esound-protocol in
/etc/pulse/default.pa as this will prevent the loading of esound support
and thus the opening of this file.

However, if my suspicion (above) is correct, then there could be other
problems (like the old pulseaudio still having the h/w open and thus
"hogging" it from the new one) and you should probably ensure PA is
properly killed on logout (or before /home/$USER is reset).




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