[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio 0.9.22, after system suspends and resumes, alsasink is blocked

Baek Chang baeksan at ccrma.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 7 17:24:25 PDT 2011

Running into a weird issue.  I am doing the following on 0.9.22 version of

start pulseaudio, and play and audio file.
when the file is done playing, after 5 seconds, the alsa sink suspends.
then I let the system go to power collapse.

When I resume and play an audio file again, alsa sink is blocked somewhere,
I do not see the message
I: alsa-sink.c: Trying resume...
The PA_SINK_SET_STATE message doesn't seem to be called to the alsa sink.

Alsa is not blocked at this point, I can do an aplay to hw:0 and hear the
output, bypassing pulseaudio.

here is an example from pulseaudio with debug messages enabled, after

aplay -D media /usr/palm/sounds/phone.wav -vvv &
root at palm-webos:/var/home/root# I: client.c: Created 2 "Native client (UNIX
socket client)"
D: protocol-native.c: Protocol version: remote 19, local 19
I: protocol-native.c: Got credentials: uid=0 gid=0 success=1
D: protocol-native.c: SHM possible: yes
D: protocol-native.c: Negotiated SHM: no
Playing WAVE '/usr/palm/sounds/phone.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian,
Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo
D: module-suspend-on-idle.c: Sink pcm_output becomes busy.
D: memblockq.c: memblockq requested: maxlength=33554432, tlength=0, base=4,
prebuf=0, minreq=1 maxrewind=0
D: memblockq.c: memblockq sanitized: maxlength=33554432, tlength=33554432,
base=4, prebuf=0, minreq=4 maxrewind=0
I: sink-input.c: Created input 0 "ALSA Playback" on pcm_output with sample
spec s16le 2ch 44100Hz and channel map front-left,front-right
I: sink-input.c:     media.name = "ALSA Playback"
I: sink-input.c:     application.name = "ALSA plug-in [aplay]"
I: sink-input.c:     native-protocol.peer = "UNIX socket client"
I: sink-input.c:     native-protocol.version = "19"
I: sink-input.c:     application.process.id = "3593"
I: sink-input.c:     application.process.user = "root"
I: sink-input.c:     application.process.host = "palm-webos"
I: sink-input.c:     application.process.binary = "aplay"
I: sink-input.c:     application.language = "C"
I: sink-input.c:     application.process.machine_id = "palm-webos"
I: protocol-native.c: Requested tlength=500.00 ms, minreq=124.99 ms
D: protocol-native.c: Early requests mode enabled, configuring sink latency
to minreq.
D: memblockq.c: memblockq requested: maxlength=4194304, tlength=88200,
base=4, prebuf=66152, minreq=9596 maxrewind=0
D: memblockq.c: memblockq sanitized: maxlength=4194304, tlength=88200,
base=4, prebuf=66152, minreq=9596 maxrewind=0
I: protocol-native.c: Final latency 554.42 ms = 391.20 ms + 2*54.40 ms +
54.42 ms
D: sink-input.c: SetVolumeWithRamping: Virtual Volume From 1646=0.000016 to
D: sink-input.c: Sink input's soft volume is 41160= 0.247734
D: sink-input.c: Volume Ramping: Point 1 is 1=0.000015, Point 2 is
I: module-palm-policy.c: parse_message: ramp command received, sink is 4,
volumetoset:70, headphones:0
ALSA <-> PulseAudio PCM I/O Plugin
Its setup is:
  stream       : PLAYBACK
  access       : RW_INTERLEAVED
  format       : S16_LE
  subformat    : STD
  channels     : 2
  rate         : 44100
  exact rate   : 44100 (44100/1)
  msbits       : 16
  buffer_size  : 22050
  period_size  : 5512
  period_time  : 125000
  tstamp_mode  : NONE
  period_step  : 1
  avail_min    : 5512
  period_event : 0
  start_threshold  : 22050
  stop_threshold   : 22050
  silence_threshold: 0
  silence_size : 0
  boundary     : 1445068800
Max peak (11024 samples): 0x00002dd0 ########             35%
Max peak (11024 samples): 0x0000332c ########             39%
Max peak (11024 samples): 0x00003741 #########            43%
D: protocol-native.c: Requesting rewind due to end of underrun.
D: protocol-native.c: Requesting rewind due to end of underrun.
Max peak (11024 samples): 0x0000353f #########            41%
D: protocol-native.c: Requesting rewind due to end of underrun.
D: protocol-native.c: Requesting rewind due to end of underrun.

Just waits here forever.  Sink doesnt get resume call, and alsasink doesn't
get resumed either

Any ideas?

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