[pulseaudio-discuss] review+pull-request: Passthrough support

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 15:50:29 PDT 2011

> So far I haven't been able to get anything except stereo working with
> passthrough.  It seems to me that selecting multiple channels in passthrough
> mode would be very similar to the necessary AES0 changes, so maybe we can
> get that fixed too.
> I've basically hit a wall by only being able to passthrough 192khz stereo.
>  When the passthrough data rate exceeds the available rate, my code clips
> the data packets.  Which seems to work OK when the excess is maybe 200 bytes
> or so.  On some HD DTS I'm clipping more like 2K per packet which results in
> some very nasty sounds emanating from the speakers.

Looks like a know issue? I remember some comments/patches from Anssi
that if you want to passthrough data at a rate of more than
6.144Mbit/s then yes you need to use AES0=0x06 so that the HMDI
hardware uses HBR packets.

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