[pulseaudio-discuss] Semaphore lockup when using threaded mainloops excessively

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Apr 22 01:58:24 PDT 2011

'Twas brillig, and Colin Guthrie at 01/04/11 14:25 did gyre and gimble:
> I've pushed this to git master now so that more people can test.

I've just be revisiting this one after your pa_poll changes.

I tried running two at once and both bailed quite quickly with:

Connection (23 of 1000) established.
Stream error: Too large

Connection (15 of 1000) established.
Stream error: Too large

The abort happened at the same time so both tests aborted at the same
time. But I rant it again, and both instances happily ran up to >500
connections each.

The only (relevant) place I can see this error occurring is in
sink-input.c in pa_sink_input_new()

But this should only happen when > 32 streams are played on a a sink....
 as each test can use 16 streams I guess there are times when >32 is
possible. Perhaps the test should limit it to 15 streams such that this
likelyhood is reduced?

Anyway a run up to ~500 is pretty good. Is this more or less fixed now
do you think?



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