[pulseaudio-discuss] raop: Patch for variable port number

Erik Ekman erik at kryo.se
Thu Aug 4 12:24:58 PDT 2011

Hi all

I just bought a Pioneer AV receiver that does AirPlay and would like
to stream it from my Ubuntu laptop. It did not work right away, and I
found tickets #950 and #890 regarding port number not being 5000 and I
have the same case here. Attached is a patch that at least for me
makes it connect to the port advertised in the SRV record. It needs to
be tested with a device that uses port 5000 as well to make sure it
still works for them as well.

However, even with this patch it still does not work for me. I get:
W: rtsp_client.c: Unexpected response: RTSP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
W: rtsp_client.c: Unexpected response: Server: AirTunes/103.2
W: rtsp_client.c: Unexpected response: CSeq: 2
W: rtsp_client.c: Unexpected response:
so I will keep testing. I have an iPhone which can stream audio so I
will compare them and see what happens.

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