[pulseaudio-discuss] bools and bit-fields

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Thu Aug 18 08:09:36 PDT 2011

Le jeudi 18 août 2011 17:53:43 Arun Raghavan, vous avez écrit :
> The condition in the if statement may evaluate to false if pa_bool_t is
> typedef'ed to a signed type (it definitely is if you don't have
> stdbool.h, not sure if _Bool is a signed type or not).

The ISO C standard requires that _Bool bit fields with non-zero width can 
store _and_ *compare* to 0 and 1.

> This happens
> because it's a single bit field and thus when the msb (the only bit) is
> set to 1 it is interpreted as -1.

Right. So pa_bool_t should be typedef'd to 'unsigned' rather than 'int' 
wherever HAVE_STD_BOOL is not defined.

Then again, <stdbool.h> is a non-optional part of the C standard. Defining 
your own boolean type feels very 90's (and indeed error-prone).

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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