[pulseaudio-discuss] unable to play very small beep (.wav) sounds

Himanshu Chug himanshu.chug at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 04:35:17 PDT 2011

Hi Tanu, All,

I have an up-to-date gst pulse-sink with latest patches from David,
but this issue remains same.

*Background*: We are stablizing our audio driver on OMAP4 platform, there
are lot of changes went into our audio driver recently which break this
use-case which was working fine earlier with same PA and gst setup but with
old kernel and ALSA driver.
so there might no changes needed in PA and gst-pulsesink and I am trying to
understand the actual issue here and to avoid the work-around of modifying
tsched_buffer_size=1024 which says:   -the use-case is always working fine
by loading module-alsa-sink with tsched_buffer_size=1024

I am new to PA, so some of my questions sounds very basic, but I want to
dive deep into code details to get hold this problem , I seeks few
clarifications from here:

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