[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH v3 1/2] bluetooth: Fix Media Endpoint for HandsfreeGateway

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Aug 29 02:51:13 PDT 2011

'Twas brillig, and Luiz Augusto von Dentz at 29/08/11 10:13 did gyre and
> Hi Colin,
> On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 11:54 AM, Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:
>> 'Twas brillig, and Luiz Augusto von Dentz at 29/08/11 09:49 did gyre and
>> gimble:
>>> Looks good, ack.
>> As I don't know this code well, can you give me an indication of the
>> likelihood of this change causing regressions.
> Well this is a different profile, it emulates the headset/carkit part
> so you can get transfer the audio e.g. a phone call to you pc. This
> was and still is experimental so I don't think there is anybody using
> it, by default it is disabled in BlueZ, so I think regression are kind
> of acceptable.
>> I'm trying to evaluate as to wheter or not it is good for 1.0 or if we
>> should wait seeing as we're trying to stabilise now rather than add
>> features.
> As I said you have to enabled it on BlueZ to be able to use it, the
> same with Media API, IMO it should be safe to include but Im fine not
> to include it on 1.0 if you consider too unstable.

Thanks for the background :)

>> (v2 will be out hopefully not long after, so it's no biggie if this
>> should wait and I'm tempted to err on the side of caution at this moment).
> Hmm, I thought this was the v2, my bad.

Oh, I meant v2.0 of PA itself (trying to ditch all the minor numbers!) :)



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