[pulseaudio-discuss] Phone Disconnects If module-loopback is not un-loaded. [BT-PA-Ofono-Bluez]

Vinod vinodalat at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 01:34:54 PST 2011

Hello All,
I am currently trying to connect my cellphone to desktop in handsfree mode.
The phone gets connected perfectly with the help of ofono.
To listen and speak I am using pulseaudio-1.0 which I patched by
referring the Frédéric Dalleau patch from

Following scenario results into disconnect of phone from handsfree-mode:-
1) Pulseaudio started in debug mode.
2) Ofono started in debug mode.
3) Bluez 4.95 is already running.
4) When I connect phone with the help of Ofono in handsfree-mode it
gets connected.
5) Then I do a outgoing call and load a module loopback.
6) I am able to hear voice and talk as well.
7) When I disconnect the call, immediately phone also gets
disconnected from handsfree-mode.

Please find attached pulseaudio and ofono logs.
Please provide inputs.

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