[pulseaudio-discuss] Skype microphone only works when preferences window open

Bill West bill at bwi.com
Tue Dec 20 19:19:51 PST 2011

I am running Skype on DEBIAN Wheezy with Gnome 3.0. If I use Skype
normally, I have sound from Skype but the microphone is apparently
muted. If I open "gnome-control-center sound" (right-click on volume
control icon and select preferences) and then start a call, the
microphone works correctly in Skype. Starting pavucontrol from the
command line and leaving it open has the same effect. I do not have to
change any settings, just have a sound preferences (not SKYPE
preferences) window open. This works even if the window is minimized.

Here is the sequence:

1. Start Skype
2. Start a Skype test call
3. Can hear sound, but mike seems muted.
4. End call
5. start "gnome-control-center sound" (use 'ps aux' to see it).
6. Start Skype test call
7. Everything works
8. End call

The important thing is the "gnome-control-center sound" is running when
the call is initiated. So the easy work-around is just to start it when
I start my session and minimize it, then everything works. I would like
to avoid have to do that. Any suggestions about where to start looking
for a solution are welcome.

Bill West

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