[pulseaudio-discuss] Sharing logged in users instance over TCP better than systemwide daemon?

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Fri Dec 30 23:26:08 PST 2011

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> 	over TCP better than systemwide daemon?
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> 2011/12/22 Graeme Pietersz <graeme.pietersz at gmail.com>:
> >

> > Should I switch to a system wide daemon urgently or at leisure? Any
> > huge problem with what I am doing (given that that user is always
> > logged in anyway)?
> Not really, but the extra user is a bit of a hack and system-wide fits
> your use case nicely. I don't know which distro you are on, but at
> least on Debian/Ubuntu the pulseaudio package comes with a nice init
> script and pulse/pulse-access users configured for system-wide mode.

Thanks. I am using Ubuntu but did not know that there was an init
script . That is clearly the way to go if there is some support from
the distro for doing it.

> Conceptally a system daemon ran from an /etc/init.d script is a better
> fit to make a sound server available than a auto-logon user.

I can see that, but after all the warnings about a system wide daemon
being unsupported I was looking for a least bad solution.

Perhaps this should be mentioned in the wiki? The only use case
mentioned for a system wide daemon there is an embedded system or a
thin client. There are also lots of scary warnings on this page:


including this:

    But my Gentoo/... distro is shipping an init script for PA!

    Ignore that. It's stupid. They shouldn't be doing this. 

Which, again, appears over the top given there is a reasonably common
case for which it is the right solution.

Thanks again.


Graeme Pietersz
+94 774102149

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