[pulseaudio-discuss] Problems trying to connecf HFP device

Franz Glauber franzec05 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 13:44:44 PST 2011

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 6:20 PM, Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:

> 'Twas brillig, and Franz Glauber at 08/02/11 09:58 did gyre and gimble:
> > I'm cross-posting this from bluez, since I got no reply there and I'm
> > not sure wether this is a pulseaudio issue or a bluez.
> I'm not really much of an expert on BT stuff, but to me it looks like it
> is at the bluez end, but what version of PA are you running? Ideally it
> would be 0.9.22 or git master....

Yeah, I thought so... I'm using 0.9.22 (latest ebuild on Gentoo). Do you
think it's worth trying the git version?

It seems that, given the delay before the error,  PA is waiting for some
answer from the device, and that doesn't happen...


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