[pulseaudio-discuss] pull request: win32 port

Maarten Bosmans mkbosmans at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 13:48:40 PST 2011

Hi list,

There are some patches I'd like to have included in master. Since the
last time I mailed the list about running pulse on win32, I've
implemented some more functions (like pa_random and rtclock) on native
Windows api. Also the build system got some more attention. I rebased
(hope that's OK) on top of current master, so that the various build
system fixes that have gone in over the last weeks are incorporated.
The whole list is up at:

The last patch [Use pa_read, pa_write and pa_poll instead of system
functions] is the only one I'm not confident about (neither was Colin
in the previous round of review), so I'd suggest that you pull from
the commit before that
and leave the last one untill we decide further. That way most of the
work in getting pulseaudio running on Windows is in master.

I have setup automated builds to provide up-to-date binaries for
Windows. Using the OpenSUSE BuildService, this is a piece of cake. My
github branch and all dependencies are build at:
I'd like to make that follow git master when the patches are in, and
then when a release is made, to follow the releases.

The RPM download repositoy is at
As this is difficult for Windows users to handle, I'll provide a
zipfile with all the files necessary to run PA. The long-term goal is
to have updated binaries downloadable from pulseaudio.org,
automatically within hours/days after a release.


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