[pulseaudio-discuss] A few pulseadio related issues

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sun Feb 27 01:27:54 PST 2011

'Twas brillig, and Rafał Mużyło at 26/02/11 23:33 did gyre and gimble:
> Awhile ago, I filed a ticket about pulseaudio crashing on stopping
> second copy of xserver if first was 'startx' and second 'startx -- :1'.
> Seems it's going to be resolved as WONTFIX, but I want to note something
> that suggests it could be at least partially fixed: one day, when I was
> switching my session manager to a different one, while first copy of
> xserver was still running under the old one, one that was running in the
> new one (again, 'startx -- :1') could be ended without crash. That
> obviously lasted only till the restart.

I'm not sure I remember the bug. Can you please post a link?

Also, are you creating X11 sessions as the same user or as two different

> Now, as I follow some of the posts on the list, it seems that
> pavucontrol will get some updates soon. As libglade was declared
> deprecated by its upstream awhile ago, I'm attaching a patch dropping
> libglademm dep and a gtkbuilder file (auto-converted by glade).

Interesting, thanks for that, I'll take a look - I don't really follow
the libglade stuff so not aware of deprecation etc., but I'll certainly
find out. Did you convert the git master version? If so, if you could
provide git formatted patches, (e.g. commit your changes ot your local
git repo and then run either git format-patch or even git sent-email),
then you would be properly credited for your work :)

> On that note: module-device-manager isn't present in the config file
> from the tarball, yet git of pavucontrol complains if it's not present.
> Is that module considered stable by now ?

It's not in default.pa but that's deliberate. It's currently only used
on KDE and thus the module is loaded by the script start-pulseaudio-kde.
It can be used by non-KDE users in a kind of passive mode, but then
there is no easy easy way to enable the routing only under KDE.

Bits of the functionality will ultimately be merged into the core and
thus will be available generally in the future.



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