[pulseaudio-discuss] Current problems with git master

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Feb 28 12:26:01 PST 2011


Just cataloguing my issues so we don't forget....

1. It seems that when running pulseaudio -k, that the daemon terminates
pretty brutally... I'm not yet sure if the daemon dies horribly or just
doesn't unload the modules properly. Due to this, the X11 properties on
the root window are left over (because they were inserted by
module-x11-publish). Due to this, the daemon will not autospawn or be
started properly.

This indicates two separate problems:
 a) The module shutdown process is not quite working right.
 b) The code that detects whether the connection params (in the left
over x11 props) are meant to be local (which indicates a crash) so that
autospawn or manual startup will proceed successfully.

2. Startup is no longer atomic:

With PA not running and autospawn disabled:
 [colin at jimmy ~]$ start-pulseaudio-x11
 Connection failure: Connection refused
 pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused

PA does actually start but it's the pactl load-module's that cause this
connection refused error. This means that pulseaudio --start returns
before the daemon is ready for connections. This may also be something
that is affecting the stable-queue (as I have heard of some startup
races but never been able to reproduce).

Need to do some more testing :) (and fixing).


Colin Guthrie

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