[pulseaudio-discuss] [Patch] Infinite loop in mainloop

Marcel mm0pointer at maazl.de
Sat Jan 1 07:50:55 PST 2011

I am porting pulseaudio to OS/2. During this I run into trouble with the 
mainloop occasionally eating up all CPU resources. It turned out to be 
an inconsistency in the internal state of the mainloop. 
m->wakeup_requested was 0 while the wakup pipe was ready. In fact most 
probably there is still a race condition somewhere in the code.

However, the following patch will help to recover from this 
inconsistencies more gracefully, especially if the mainloop is running 
at high priority.

In mainloop.c, function dispatch_pollfds before the final return 
statement I inserted the following lines:


+    /* better recovery from errors */
+    if (k > (m->wakeup_requested != 0) && !m->quit) {
+        pa_log_error("Error poll returned %i more pollfds than ready 
IO/wakeup events. => Check wakeup pipe, rebuilding pollfds.",
+            k - (m->wakeup_requested != 0));
+        m->wakeup_requested = 1;
+        m->rebuild_pollfds = TRUE;
+    }

     return r;

(Sorry git is not available for OS/2 so I can't simply create a diff.)


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