[pulseaudio-discuss] USB audio devices muted at non-zero volume

Marius Bjørnstad pmb at fa2k.net
Thu Jan 6 04:39:36 PST 2011


The devices below are muted at a volume greater than 0. This causes a
significant portion of the volume in Pulseaudio to be equal to zero (muted).

0d8c:000e C-Media Electronics, Inc. Audio Adapter (Planet UP-100, Genius

0b05:1743 ASUSTek Computer, Inc. Xonar U1 Audio Station

The asus card is muted at volume "1",
the Plantronics ( C-Media ) is muted at volume "2". Both volumes are in

Is there any way to fix this in Pulseaudio (some kind of "quirks"
database, for example)?

Best wishes,

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