[pulseaudio-discuss] pavucontrol and DISPLAY variable

Dr. Adrian Wrigley mail at adrianwrigley.com
Mon Jan 17 10:05:43 PST 2011

Dr. Adrian Wrigley wrote:
> I am attempting to invoke pavucontrol on a particular X server by
> setting the DISPLAY environment variable.
> DISPLAY= pavucontrol

I needed to set the following environment variable too:

> This produces three messages in the xterm:
> (pavucontrol:3897): atk-bridge-WARNING **: AT_SPI_REGISTRY was not
> started at session startup.
> (pavucontrol:3897): atk-bridge-WARNING **: IOR not set.
> (pavucontrol:3897): atk-bridge-WARNING **: Could not locate registry

The Pulesaudio applications work OK now, once the PULSE_SERVER is set.
But I still get the above warning messages.  How can I avoid these warnings?

> Other Pulse utility programs such as pavumeter fail similarly.
> --
> Adrian Wrigley
> Machine1 is running Knoppix 6.4.3 DVD started in Gnome
> Machine2 is running Debian Squeeze on amd64 running KDE

I had been confused by the atk-bridge warnings, which seem to
have misdirected my search for a solution!

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