[pulseaudio-discuss] Flat volumes and restoring the app volume

Gregory Petrosyan gregory.petrosyan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 07:47:30 PST 2011


Can somebody please explain what flat-volume, actually, is? Strictly
and concisely, but from user's perspective — not mathematically. Like
I can explain what non-flat-volume is to anybody :-) I have googled
quite a bit, but still don't get how it works.

Also, what does m-s-r actually save? Is it "volume the app will have
if the system volume will be 100%" in case of flat volumes?

I am asking these, because I've managed to make an app restore the
volume properly using ext-stream-restore.h, but when I turn the flat
volume on, behaviour is counter-intuitive to say at least.


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