[pulseaudio-discuss] unambiguous tag names in the repository

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sun May 8 01:37:41 PDT 2011


'Twas brillig, and Paul Menzel at 07/05/11 09:22 did gyre and gimble:
> I just read the blog post
> 	Please use unambiguous tag names in your DVCS [1]
> which for security reasons suggests to use unambiguous tag names.
> Therefore I suggest to change our tag name scheme to the following.
> 	pa_0.9.22 or pa_1.0

Personally I disagree. I think short tag names makes life easier when
working on multiple projects and in our case our actual package version
is generated directly from the git tag using git's built in versioning
capabilities (where is searches for a tag then produces a version number
based on that tag and the number of commits since then)

Now we could adapt our git-version-gen script easily enough, but I
really don't see the point. If others feel really strongly about this
then fine, but I think the reasons given in the blog are somewhat
hypothetical and not really very likely in the real world (and in the
unlikely even of it happening at some point in the future, then we can
take the time to rename tags then)

Just my €0.02 :)



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