[pulseaudio-discuss] Is it possible to compress pulseaudio's network streams?

Aitor Pazos mail at aitorpazos.es
Tue May 10 14:06:57 PDT 2011

Dear list,
I've been using Pulseaudio over the network for a while. When my laptop is 
docked it works pretty well through the wired connection, but when I go 
wireless sound gets choppy. This situation makes the whole network 
functionality almost non-sense for me as I could attach my usb sound card 
directly to my dock station (with 5.1 speakers). Checking the traffic I get an 
around 4mb/s sustained flow which I guess is too high for my unreliable 
wireless network.
I've googled quite a lot and I haven't found any real effective solution to 
this issue. I guess the better solution would be to compress these streams in 
order to reduce bandwidth requirements. Is it possible to do this in 
pulseaudio. Are there any plans of implementing some solution for this 
situation? Which are the most important parameters I should try to tune apart 
from "default-fragments" and "default-fragment-size-msec"?

Thank you very much,
    Aitor Pazos
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