[pulseaudio-discuss] How to find the latest created bluetooth sink/source via event hook?

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Thu May 19 01:09:07 PDT 2011

'Twas brillig, and Lin, Mengdong at 19/05/11 03:09 did gyre and gimble:
> Great thanks for your advice, Col!
>> Please note that there already exists a module called
>> module-switch-on-connect which does this task, but for all new sinks,
>> not just BT sinks.  ...
> I found "module-switch-on-connect.c" is not in 0.9.22 tar ball but in git. When will this module be released? 
> My work is still based on 0.9.22 and need upgrade to use this module.

Indeed it's not in 0.9.22

It will be trivial to back port, I think it's only one git commit. The
Makefile.am may need a little tweaking but it should be very easy.

So even if it's not in the version you need to use, I'd backport it then
improve it as you need and we can still ultimately take those
improvement patches with little trouble :)

We're hoping to get git master out pretty soon, within the next month or
so, but depends on various stabilising efforts and peoples time :)

>> Just so you know, I will am intending on shaking up the routing system
>> in PA after v1 is released which will hopefully make this kind of thing
>> easier to implement and manage. ...  but essentially the routing will be based on priority lists of
>> devices rather than just setting a single device to use.
> It sounds great! Could you share more information on this new design, maybe in a new thread? 

Arun already replied with the link that I forgot to put in the first
mail... :p


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