[pulseaudio-discuss] How to redirect pulse audio through ssh?

Quinn Plattel qiet72 at gmail.com
Fri May 20 07:52:01 PDT 2011


I am currently trying to attempt to redirect pulse audio sound from a server
to a client through ssh.  I am bit unclear on what the correct way is of
doing it.
Some guides on the net refer to paprefs and some refer to socat and others
again refer to loading modules via pactl.  There is also something about
using libpulse to get it automatically setup via X11 forwarding under ssh.
I have tried different solutions without success so far.

The server is running Ubuntu Linux 10.04 without a physical sound card
The client is running Maemo Linux Fremantle with a physical sound card
installed.  Client audio has been tested and confirmed working.

paprefs does exist on the server but not on the client.  Pulseaudio on the
client seems not to be configured with "per-user" sessions.  Pulseaudio on
the server is configured for "per-user" sessions. The pulse socket on the
client is on /var/run/pulse/native.

The server's /etc/pulse/client.conf looks like this:
; default-sink =
; default-source =
; default-server =

; autospawn = yes
; daemon-binary = /usr/bin/pulseaudio
; extra-arguments = --log-target=syslog

; cookie-file =

; enable-shm = yes
; shm-size-bytes = 0 # setting this 0 will use the system-default, usually
64 MiB

One question: when modifying the pulse configuration via paprefs, what files
does it modify?

Anyways, what is the easiest method to get pulse audio on a server
redirected to the client using ssh?

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