[pulseaudio-discuss] How to debug a "protocol error" message?

Quinn Plattel qiet72 at gmail.com
Mon May 23 09:10:07 PDT 2011


I am currently having problems with communication between a version 0.9.22
pulseaudio client and a version 0.9.15 pulseaudio server.
Here are the steps to reproduce the error message:
pulseaudio server side: ssh -X -R 4713:localhost:4713
<remote-pulseaudio-client> "PULSE_SERVER=localhost:4713 pactl stat"

client reports:
Using shared memory pool with 1024 slots of size 64.0 KiB each, total size
is 64.0 MiB, maximum usable slot size is 65472
Trying to connect to localhost:4713...
SHM possible: yes
Protocol version: remote 16, local 16
Negotiated SHM: no
Connection failure: Connection terminated

server reports:
protocol error, kicking client

I have done some testing and a 0.9.15 server has no problems communicating
with a 0.9.14 client, but
a 0.9.15 server has this error when communicating with a 0.9.19 or 0.9.22

Where do I begin to debug this error?

Best regards/Med venlig hilsen,
Quinn Plattel
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