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Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed May 25 15:03:38 PDT 2011


'Twas brillig, and Aditya Rajgarhia at 25/05/11 19:34 did gyre and gimble:
> I recently bought a DLNA-compliant stereo receiver (the Denon RCD-N7),
> and would like to send all audio from my computer to the receiver. This
> is feasible in the protocol,  since people using Windows Media Player 12
> are able to select the output device (such as a DLNA receiver or
> speakers) via a "Play To" option.
> I have been able to have my laptop act as a DLNA server using mediatomb
> and make the receiver browse and play particular files from the server.
> But what I really want is to stream *all* audio from the laptop. Is this
> something that can be done currently?

In theory this works, tho' I've not really had massive success with it

In paprefs you should see DLNA support (perhaps it's labelled as rygel.
It is via rygel that we support exporting the audio of your laptop as
DNLA streams. It requires that you manually load
module-http-protocol-tcp (pactl load-module module-http-protocol-tcp)
and making sure the firewall is open on it's port (4714 or 4715 IIRC,
but please check with netstat -ltp :))

Personally I didn't get it working on my PS3 but haven't had a place
since some extra patches went in... till give it a bash over the weekend.

> If DLNA is not a solution for my needs, would Apple Airplay work? I see
> that PulseAudio has a feature for "discovering" Airplay devices on the
> network. Has anyone tried using this? My receiver supports Airplay as
> well, but I need to pay extra $$$ to download the Airplay firmware so if
> PulseAudio doesn't support it yet then there is no point in buying the
> firmware.

As the author of the Airtunes support in PA I will admit it's still
kinda lacking. The timing is all a bit messed up and it really needs
some love. Now that we support passthrough, we'll have to have a look at
getting MP3 support included too, but that really does require us to
tidy up the protocol support first (which is pretty hard).

So in short, it's not likely to be a great option but if you can't get
the DLNA working, then it might work OK for you.



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