[pulseaudio-discuss] "Speaker saver" module to notify when sound is needed and when not

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Sun Nov 6 18:34:03 PST 2011


Is there a module that can run a (configurable) shell command when

  * sound output is needed, i.e. an application plays a sound, and it's
    not muted
  * no sound output is needed anymore, after a certain configurable
    timeout, e.g. no sound played in the last 120 minutes

? Effectively, this would work exactly like a screen saver, just for 
sound, not for the screen/input.

Reason is the same: I currently have my amplifier and speakers running 
24/7, because they are connected to the HTPC, I need them as alarm clock 
etc.. I would like them to turn off automatically when I haven't played 
any sound in 2h, and turn them on again immediately automatically when 
any sound is played. On the hardware side, I can use a power switch 
connected via USB. I'd control it with a simple shell script, and pulse 
would just call that, one command for "on", one for "off".

I do not want solutions that constantly poll the state, using running 
pacmd once a minute or similar.

Does that exist exist already? If not, I guess it wouldn't be hard?

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