[pulseaudio-discuss] PulseAudio Xen module

Giorgos Boutsioukis gboutsioukis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:30:11 PST 2011

Arun Raghavan <arun.raghavan <at> collabora.co.uk> writes:

> My last concern would be maintenance -- would this be a mainline
> supported feature in Xen? When there's a (non-trivial) bug, it'd be good
> to have a contact point since none of us (as far as I know) are familiar
> with Xen internals, and it'd be a shame for all this work to go in and
> be unmaintained/unsupported.

AFAIK it will be a mainline feature and since I'm the one who wrote the driver, 
I guess your contact point should be me. I've started working on the changes 
that Maarten suggested, I'll post a follow-up when it's ready.

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