[pulseaudio-discuss] RFC: Routing and Priority lists

Janos Kovacs jankovac503 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 06:52:31 PST 2011


>> In some cases we might have multiple zones, e.g a desktop PC
>> were in one room and a stereo amplifier would be in another
>> connected via  S/PDIF.  Say you want to do the usual stuff and
>> see youtube videos in one room, while playing out music to the
>> other room.

> Overall I think it's pretty convoluted, but then the problem itself is
> also quite convoluted. I'm not sure that designing the solution with
> some additional level of "zoning" built in would help. As Tanu suggested
> in another email, it's already a rather complex solution (I'd say it's
> as complex as it needs to be*, but I wouldn't want to make it any more
> complex!), so I think a composite role+zone system to solve this problem
> would be an acceptable way to achieve it.

It is not very elegant but I think we can live with the composite role+zone
solution. What is important IMO that apps should use the 'zone' property
and we can change the backend if/when we want to do so.

However, what hook could be used to compose the 'media.role-zone'
property? In the proposal (ie. the patches) the routing is done before
PA_CORE_HOOK_SINK_INPUT_NEW is called, so I guess that cannot
be used.


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