[pulseaudio-discuss] Bluetooth Headset Problem Update

krisztian.kocsis at optimaster.eu krisztian.kocsis at optimaster.eu
Sat Oct 8 13:09:38 PDT 2011


The BIG difference when the output is oss and bluetooth is when 
bluetooth output is used with paplay, then paplay never receives a 
PA_COMMAND_REQUEST op, i don't know why.
In the background PA dispatches PA_COMMAND_GET_PLAYBACK_LATENCY 
messages continuously (as seen with OSS output).

The playback_stream_request_bytes() function is only called from 
handle_seek() and never called from sink_input_pop_cb() (which function 
is also never called)!

The call chain is not so trivial, please help me how to find the point 
where sink_input_pop_cb() should be called and why PA cannot reach this 


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