[pulseaudio-discuss] redirect output to line in from different app

Julius mycommercials.79 at web.de
Sun Oct 9 12:26:26 PDT 2011


i would like to redirect the output from totem to line-in and use 
line-in as input for teamspeak3 to "send" mp3's.
currently ive set ts3 to get the input from "monitor of internal 
audio..." - this works, but this also means that when persons talk in 
the room it gets echoed back.
how do you accomplish this?

if ts3 gets its input from line-in however this behavior should disappear.
a friend of mine used the application "virtual audio cable" for this in 
his windows setup which works quite nicely - you create a virtual cable 
and combine output from winamp with teamspeak's linein.

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