[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 1.1

Colin Guthrie colin at mageia.org
Thu Oct 20 06:35:09 PDT 2011

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I promised more regular releases so more regular releases you will have!

This is a relatively small bug fix for 1.0 but it does address a few
issues, the highlights of which are:

 * Reintroduce a 3 point version string in various API calls. It seems
some apps (i.e Skype) and build systems (i.e. KDE CMake scripts)
parsed this data and assumed it would always have three numerical
parts. While this is bad practice generally and should be fixed in
said apps, we don't really have any problem with providing a 3 point
version in internal APIs so to prevent problems, we've just tacked a
.0 on the end.
 * Fix some linking errors that accidentally linked libpulse to
libpulsecore which could under some circumstance "downgrade" libpulse
to GPL (rather than LGPL) which could in turn cause problems with
non-GPL compatible apps which link to libpulse.
 * Fix a problem where starting PA without X11 would fail due to dbus
problems (note: some bugs were found trying to initialise PA X11
modules after subsequently logging into X11 when PA was started on the
console, but this is a regression in 1.0 and I didn't want to delay
1.1 for this corner case alone. It should be fixed in the next update).
 * Some Solaris fixes now that they are migrating to PA (probably a
few more issues still, but these will likely land in 2.0)

MD5:  17d21df798cee407b769c6355fae397a
SHA1: 5ff451389951f79949a461b95168558cc4120e73

Special thanks to Arun for doing the bulk of the fixes in this round
and for most of the management side of things too! Thanks always to
everyone involved.

Here is the complete shortlog:

Arun Raghavan (12):
      extended: Fix doxygen comment style typos
      sink,source: Avoid unnecessary call to pa_rtclock_now()
      alsa: Give compressed formats preference over PCM
      alsa: Better error handling in mixer rtpoll callback
      echo-cancel: Fail if loaded between a sink and its monitor
      alsa: Make mixer error handling more robust still
      echo-cancel: Don't crash if adjust_time = 0
      echo-cancel: Close debug files on module unload
      filter-apply: Move sink/source unlink callbacks before m-s-r
      build-sys: Drop libsamplerate from pulsecommon deps
      native: Fix Solaris build
      solaris: Use real_volume for set/get volume

Colin Guthrie (5):
      libpulse: Always return a three part version number in API calls.
      build-sys: Provide a simple CMake Config setup (similar to
      Update LICENSE.
      conf: Use .nofail when loading module-jackdbus-detect
      build-sys: bump soname

Daniel Mack (2):
      osx: don't build the once-test binary on OS X
      osx: module_bonjour_publish needs to be linked against

David Henningsson (3):
      module-jackdbus-detect: Avoid double-free of modargs
      source-output: Do not use unset channel map in pa_source_output_new
      Fix deferred volume not being applied if sink is closed

Maarten Bosmans (3):
      Make pulse build with clang again
      doc: Add some more doxygen tags to existing comments
      tests: Fix calculation of memblock size in resampler-test

Sudarshan Bisht (1):
      null-sink: Set latency range at the time of initialization of

Tanu Kaskinen (2):
      sink: Move updating the requested latency after the rewind
request when finishing a stream move.
      daemon: Don't treat it as a fatal error if we can't connect to
the session bus

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