[pulseaudio-discuss] Missing channels on usb audio device

Robert M. Albrecht linux at romal.de
Mon Apr 16 09:40:58 PDT 2012


I'm trying to install the Terratec 6Fire USB audio device. It's an 
external audio device with several analog in & output channels.

The alsa-driver is running and I can play analog stereo music or movies
on pulseaudio based players.

I can output digital sound (ac3 or dts) on spdif via optical with vlc
and mplayer.

But I can't output analog multichannel sound from flac files or movies.
Although alsamixer can access all 6 analog output channels, pulseaudio
does not see them.

I'm running Pulseaudio on Fedora 16.

Currently I'm slighty lost, as I'm not sure if this is a driver, an alsa 
or a pulseaudio problem and how to troubleshoot this. Any help would be 


[root at localhost alsa]# aplay -L
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      Default Audio Device
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      Front speakers
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      4.0 Surround output to Front and Rear speakers
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      4.1 Surround output to Front, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      5.0 Surround output to Front, Center and Rear speakers
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      5.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Rear and Subwoofer speakers
      HDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog
      7.1 Surround output to Front, Center, Side, Rear and Woofer speakers
      TerraTec DMX6FireUSB, DMX 6Fire USB Analog
      Default Audio Device
[root at localhost alsa]#

[root at localhost pulse]# aplay -l
**** Liste der Hardware-Geräte (PLAYBACK) ****
Karte 0: Intel [HDA Intel], Gerät 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]
    Sub-Geräte: 1/1
    Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #0
Karte 1: DMX6FireUSB [TerraTec DMX6FireUSB], Gerät 0: 6fire Analog [DMX
6Fire USB Analog]
    Sub-Geräte: 1/1
    Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #0
Karte 1: DMX6FireUSB [TerraTec DMX6FireUSB], Gerät 1: 6fire Digital Out
[DMX 6Fire USB Digital Playback]
    Sub-Geräte: 1/1
    Sub-Gerät #0: subdevice #0
[root at localhost pulse]#

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