[pulseaudio-discuss] introduce the new feature of ring buffer log and ask for comments

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Mon Aug 13 22:50:34 PDT 2012

On 08/13/2012 04:59 PM, rong deng wrote:
> Ask for comments
> ================
> We design this feature to try to be useful for users and developers. We'd like
> to hear from you how do you think. Please don't hesitate to give your valuable
> feedback!

Hmm, maybe we could add the output of "pactl log" to bugs reported 
against the PulseAudio package in Ubuntu? That way maybe we don't have 
to ask for PulseAudio logs all the time...so yes, then it could be helpful!

I have a few questions:

1) How will the existing log targets (log to file/syslog/stderr etc) 
work in this scenario? Are there any changes or is this two entirely 
separate logging systems?

2) Somewhat related to question 1, what if the following happens:
  * thread A writes to the debug log "Sending message to thread B"
  * thread A sends the message to thread B
  * thread B logs a warning message "Invalid message received"
  * thread B crashes PulseAudio with sigsegv
How can we ensure that both messages from thread A and thread B can be 
retreived after the crash? Is there a risk PulseAudio will not write 
both messages to disk before it crashes?

3) How long is the per-thread buffer by default (and is that in messages 
or characters)? Would it make sense to have this limit configurable (in 
what ways)?

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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