[pulseaudio-discuss] get `ags` working with pulseaudio

Joël Krähemann joel at weedlight.ch
Mon Dec 3 03:59:48 PST 2012

Hi, I develop a music sequencer called Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer.

It currently just supports output to alsa device. I've tried to run it
with pulseaudio's alsa wrapper but there are at least two issues.

* First, `ags` crashes after a while. It runs approximately four
* Second, the output is delayed but sound is clean.

I believe pulseaudio does resampling and it's the cause of the mentioned
problems. These issues don't occur when outputting to sound card without

Now, I want to get it to work with pulseaudio and any help would be

You can download `ags` from sourceforge with subversion:


The sound output code is in src/ags/audio/ags_devout.c located.
Alsa device is initialized in ags_devout_alsa_init() and output occurs
in ags_devout_alsa_play().

In order to run `ags` with clean output you need a realtime kernel. Note
there are conditional locks to sync sound processing, sound outputting
and GUI threads. Debian realtime kernels work great but with ubuntu
studio's rt-kernels I experienced problems, earlier.


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