[pulseaudio-discuss] gnome-shell hangs, waiting for pulse-audio

Henrik /KaarPoSoft henrik at kaarposoft.dk
Tue Dec 4 16:53:27 PST 2012

On 12/04/12 13:41, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> Does the patch really cause this, or is the difference because of the 
> self-compiled libcanberra? That is, if you compile libcanberra without 
> the patch, does it return to the old behavior? 
I compiled libcaberra before *without* the patch, running with this for 
several days.
Then I applied the patch and recompiled and installed.

I did not deliberately make any other changes, but if this really boils 
down to a thread scheduling problem, I guess that "anything" may be the 

> Hmm, here's another idea: could you try marking the state field of 
> pa_operation as volatile? The pa_operation struct is defined in 
> src/pulse/internal.h. I expect that this won't help, but maybe the 
> compiler is able to do more optimization magic than I think is 
> possible... On a related note, the play_request_processed variable in 
> my patch should have been marked as volatile too. 
Will have a look at this later...


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