[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 2.99.3 (3.0 RC3)

Peter Meerwald pmeerw at pmeerw.net
Fri Dec 7 07:13:53 PST 2012


> src/Makefile.am has:
> noinst_LTLIBRARIES += libpulsecore_sconv_neon.la
> libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la_SOURCES = pulsecore/sconv_neon.c
> libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la_CFLAGS = $(AM_CFLAGS) $(NEON_CFLAGS)
> libpulsecore_ at PA_MAJORMINOR@_la_LIBADD += libpulsecore_sconv_neon.la
> endif
> so NEON_CFLAGS (determined by configure) is supposed to override whatever 
> your compilation environment provides; however, this does see so work as 
> -mfpu=vfpv3-d16 is coming after -mfpu=neon

sorry, for my bad English; above doesn't work, as
in src/Makefile.in we get

@am__fastdepCC_TRUE@	$(AM_V_CC)$(LIBTOOL) $(AM_V_lt) --tag=CC 
$(AM_LIBTOOLFLAGS) $(LIBTOOLFLAGS) --mode=compile $(CC) $(DEFS) 
$(libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la_CFLAGS) $(CFLAGS) -MT 
libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la-sconv_neon.lo -MD -MP -MF 
$(DEPDIR)/libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la-sconv_neon.Tpo -c -o 
libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la-sconv_neon.lo `test -f 'pulsecore/sconv_neon.c' 
|| echo '$(srcdir)/'`pulsecore/sconv_neon.c

and libpulsecore_sconv_neon_la_CFLAGS is before CFLAGS



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